My solution to perfectionism

Perfectionism ended up being associate with mental illness, narcissism, anxiety, controlling behavior, unhappiness, and more terrible things. 🤯😵🥴

As a perfectionist myself I sometimes tend to procrastinate, stress out and hold back on opportunities. 🤕

But is perfectionism all that bad in essence? Is the solution to remove it from the roots, exile it from our life 100%? Can something good be found inside this energy? 🤔

As a yogini and tantric aspirant, I know that everything is energy, there are no mistakes and the key is to embrace and include all there exists by understanding its place, purpose, and meaning. 🧘

As a designer especially when I’m doing design work for my clients I tend to pay way too much attention to each detail. So I end up spending way too many hours picking the “perfect font”, “perfect size”, “perfect placement”. The results are great and my work is appreciated, but I was always wondering if there is an easier way to create and get at least the same results through more ease & flow. ✨

Today I had a call with my coach Suki inside the Divine Mother program and the topic was about perfectionism. I realize what a trap caring out the heaviness of being “perfect” and wear it as a badge of honor can be. 💡


So what is the solution? 🤷‍♀️

Many times when we don’t understand something or we use it wrong and get hurt – we tend to delete it completely. But I don’t want to do this. I don’t like the extremes anymore. I want to handle this energy, integrate it into my life harmoniously, understand its essence and scope.


A few months ago I had perfection redefined. 🙃

It was while I was watching a video where some yogis shared some spiritual revelations they had. There was this woman that shared how in one day, more or less out the blue, she started to feel something different, the energy, the air, the room, everything started to feel different. She then realized this was the “perfect moment”. She was living in the present moment from where her consciousness expanded to the entire universe. It was a moment of pure bliss, that words can’t describe. I immediately resonated with her. I was resting in my bed, feeling good and peaceful… just wishing something like that can happen to me at some point. I just started to let go and felt blessed to be able to learn what is possible from her experience. But suddenly I got goosebumps, energy started to rise in my body and I realized that I was living the “perfect moment” too. It was mindblowing. It was so natural that I barely notice it at first. But everything was different from how I normally perceive things. In this new state, there were no limitations, no desires, no fears, only possibilities, fulfillment, and potential.

This experience marked a moment when I started to understand a bit more about the magical side of the universe. How everything is in order, nothing by mistake. I feel so much grace to be a witness to this. To be a part of the creation. To discover God. To discover me. To go beyond the ordinary, to start exploring more of what there is – and it’s endless, superb, and ecstatic. 🌈


In reality, perfection is a godly attribute.

Meaning that is a quality that God has and we as humans have it too or we can assimilate it. Perfection has its own frequency of vibration that never changes and is available to all of us to attract in our beings at any moment. We just have to be open.


Perfection is not obtainable or understood from our ego-limited perspective – it’s something that our soul can manifest. It’s beyond our mind and mediocrity. 🤦

Here’s an analogy. Try to draw a perfect circle on a piece of paper with only a pen. What did you get? Is the circle perfect? Now draw a circle with a pen and a compass. You see that when we try to do it alone it’s almost impossible to do it perfectly. But when we are guided by the divine, when we become a channel, when we play inside the rules of the universe then what we create is perfect, whole, and genuine. This is how we bend our limited perspectives and reach the ultimate universal truth. 😮

I felt that perfect moment multiple times since then. It was not a one-time experience. The start is from the present moment, letting go of everything and reaching with an open heart to truly discover God. No thoughts, no struggle is needed. Just pure intent. The universe knows the way and it will take you there. 🚀

Realize that the base of the entire creation is love, happiness, bliss… abandon yourself entirely to the universal joy and feel the divine ecstasy that is healing and realigning you with the universal macrocosmic order. 🕉️


The perfect moment is now. 

Here are some practical tips to break the circle of not living perfection genuinely:

❤️ 1.  practice allowing, open to new perspectives and possibilities
💛 2. accept gifts, accept love, accept healing, accept help, accept that life is meant for us to enjoy it
💚 3. tap into the divine energy of perfection and let go of the misunderstanding around it
💙 4. let go of shame, isolation, and the limitation of doing it all alone (the universe is here for you, is part of you, you are part of the universe)
💜 5. redefine the word perfection and understand its true essence


We can say that perfection has two sides:
❌ The ego-driven way: through control, struggle, force, and suffering that leads to exhaustion, health problems, and unhappiness.
😊 The soul-guided approach obtainable when we are open up to divine guidance – when we actively co-create with God. That moment when we are astonished witnesses to the magical perfect creation that is beyond our imagination.


I hope you’ll use this glorious energy of perfection to enlighten your life. 🌈

👉 I’m curious what is your experience with perfection so far?
👉 Have you felt the spark of the perfect moment yet?
👉 Are you allowing yourself to be guided by the divine when creating?
👉 Do you feel joy, ease, and flow when you work on your projects, business, or doing regular housework?
👉 Do you have perfect relationships?
👉 I might go as far and dare to ask if you believe that you can have a perfect life?
👉 What do you have to let go for that to happen?
👉 What will you gain?


🥰 Love, Oana


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