Hi. I’m Oana Aurora.

Spiritual Branding Coach & Web Designer

I love helping coaches & entrepreneurs create an awakened, aligned, and authentic brand foundation that supports their spiritual evolution. 

Let’s get to know each other

Oana means “God is merciful”.
Aurora means “dawn”.
One of the lessons my name is teaching me is that forgiveness & kindness opens new worlds.

🌞 Aquarius Sun
🌙 Pisces Moon
🔥 Pitta-Kapha Dosha
💖 Mother Archetype
🙋 Enneagram 2

My approach, experience & methodology

As you will discover, I take a holistic spiritual approach and I believe that the best way to create your personal brand… is from the inside out. The more inner work (soul searching) you do to discover and embrace who you really are, the more success and fulfillment you feel as an entrepreneur and human.

I believe that love, forgiveness, honesty, and empathy are some of the core godly attributes that define the successful & soul-fulfilling business model of the future.

In the past 15 years as a brand consultant and designer, I have worked on hundreds of web design and social media projects with passionate entrepreneurs, startups, and multinationals, from all over the world.

During the last 12 years, I studied Esoteric Integral Yoga, Tantra, Ayurveda, Alchemy, Astrology, Psychology, attended countless spiritual camps, retreats, and shakti groups. I had access to authentic spiritual initiations and techniques that literally transformed my life that I now use to create my programs and courses.

My Story

What does spirituality have to do with business?

I hear you.

I thought my spiritual journey was separate from my business.
For many years I didn’t realize that all areas of my life were in synergy.

12 years ago I was recognized as one of the best web designers in my country. I had a thriving business, my income was spectacular, but I felt drained, burned out, and empty — something fundamental was missing.

The only solution I knew was to take a much-needed sabbatical from my business to rediscover my path.

I used to think that spirituality meant just sitting on colorful pillows with crystals in my bra, surrounded by organic candles, singing mantras, and reading angel cards.

It was not a smooth ride.
Just like you, I went through multiple challenges and spiritual struggles.

And through trial and error, I realized that success is not obtainable by taking the extreme path.

It just doesn’t work if you obsessively hustle your way until you get burned out or if you just sit back, relax, with your journal, daydream, and meditate all day long.

I know firsthand that no amount of money, fame, luxury, or exterior success will ever be enough to fill that empty space.

Being spiritual doesn’t mean quitting your business and retiring to the mountains.

Make the world
your spiritual evolution playground

Your business can be a place of spiritual transformation
if it is soul-aligned

Go deeper

Who are you? What are you here for?
What do you want?

By balancing your feminine energy with your masculine energy
you will become unstoppable.

Your spiritual evolution is an ongoing journey that doesn’t end when you hit your first 10k month, or 7-8 figures in your business, not even when you start attracting your ideal clients with ease and you seem to have everything figured out. But you already know that.

Your spiritual evolution has metrics and treasures beyond this world. And because of this, you need better tools and resources to run your life and business.

I would love to teach you how you can create a soul-aligned brand that is based on your spiritual values, reflects your soul archetype’s unique qualities, and accelerates your spiritual journey.

Let’s Talk About Spiritual Branding

✨ The spiritually guided branding process begins from the inside out ✨

A Spiritual Personal Brand:

  • Is DISCOVERED not built
  • Is based on your TRUE ESSENCE and never a product of your imagination (or ego)
  • Is not an “opportunity” for YOU to “become” someone else, or to wear a mask

Your personal brand is the experience your clients gain from interacting with your true nature.
A perfect synergy of your essence, experience, knowledge, skills, and unique energy.

Branding is an intimate process of discovery that maps out all the special elements that define you.

Activate & own your

Spiritual Power

✨ Let’s create an awakened, aligned, and authentic brand & business that supports your spiritual evolution ✨

We will work on ACTIVATING YOUR POWER through:

Deep soul searching techniques
Forgiveness meditations for emotional release and healing
Creative visualizations, powerful positive affirmations, and heart-opening journaling
Assimilating in your inner universe Godly attributes