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If you are anything like me you’ve done tons of to do lists before (even to stop lists).

You’ve set your goals based on all the good practices and you’ve followed the systems that all the success people use to set their goals.

But nothing worked.

Or you got half of the goals completed in the best case scenario.

I know, me too.

I got so frustrated, so stressed and burned out – I even lost most of my motivation for a while.

And I’ve stopped settings goals no matter the cause; spiritual or material goals.

No for both of them.

But I knew that if I stay in a numb state and avoid to try again and again is not the way either.

So I got back in the game and I’ve dragged myself into some more reach.

And because I wanted sooo bad to nail goals setting I finally started to get the magic and link together all the pieces.

Yeah, things are not that complicated — you know that already.

So let’s get straight to the point.

Because I know that you are a high achiever, you want more from your life, you want to impact the world and you care about other people and you want to show you as a better person each day.

You want to be happy and radiate goodness.

You want to feel useful and proud of your legacy.

You want to put your higher self first and discover God in everything that surrounds you.

If not… I guess you won’t be reading this right now.

But if you do want all of this — then you are so in the right spot.

So let’s get back to goal setting.

Have you ever had the feeling that “the finish line keeps moving”?

In the following paragraphs, I will show you how to choose goals that will fire you up and bring meaning to your life.

Most of the time we tend to choose goals based around the destination.

Ex. I want a six-figure business
Ex. I want a new car
Ex. I want a bigger house

But a better way is to start focusing on the journey not on the destination when you are setting your goals.

For example:

“I want to be creative on a daily basis”
“I want to be more forgiving and loving”
“I want to add more adventure into my life”
“I want to be more spiritual”

See the difference?

Focusing on the journey is going to bring more happiness and joy in whatever you do.

Just Ask yourself:
What kind of life do you want to have?

This should bring more clarity and help you define your goals quickly.

Moving forward; let’s define the types of goals.

The first goal type is:


The Outer goal

An outer goal is something that will make you appear successful to the outside world.

Some examples of outer goals:

“Making six figures”
“Having a nice car”
“Or wearing expensive clothing”

This types of goals are unfulfilling because they’re based on other people perception of you rather than what you actually want out of life.

Now you may want a bigger house and that is just fine, but I want you to ask yourself if you really need a bigger house, with more rooms and more space, maybe because you’ve got a bigger family now.

But if you only just want to impress people around you is not going to fulfill you.

And that distinction is hugely important to make in your life and in the next goals that you’ll set.

An outer goal like, having a beautiful home, where you feel comfortable and peaceful is fine because it contributes to your happiness.

But be careful not to fall into the trap of setting these outer goals just to make people admire you or like you.

The second goal type that I would love to present now is called:


The Core goal

Core goals are things that fulfill you, rather than just bring outside success.

You live in alignment with your true purpose when you focus on your core goals.

Core goals are the type of goals that bring you into the “flow state”, meaning that these are the goals that you constantly achieving vs a goal with a single tangible outcome somewhere in the future.

For example, instead of wishing to have a six-figure business, set up a goal to feel abundant every single day.

Core goals focus on how you want to feel.

And here is a little secret: when you feel great by doing activities you love, the flow state is present.

There are two types of business goals: income goals and impact goals.

Income goals

These goals represent the amount of revenue that you want to earn.

  • How much money do you want to make this year?
  • What would freedom feel like?
  • How much do you want to earn on a monthly basis?

Ask yourself:

  • Is this number aligned with how I want to feel in my life?
  • Does this number feel good or does it feel like an outer goal?
  • And how will I achieve it? This is an important question!

… so for example:

  • Do you need a certain number of clients?
  • Create new products?
  • Or Set up a sales funnel?

Figure out how you can achieve these goals and write down a few projects (no more than 5) that will help you get there.

And the second type of business goals are the: 

Impact goals

These are the type of goals that are focusing on how to help other people and the world and the causes that you want to support.

Ask yourself:

  • In what measurable way do you want to impact other people and the world?
  • This can be helping your community, donating to nonprofits and more.
  • Giving back is one of the most meaningful aspects of being a human.


Now, don’t forget about yourself and set up your:

Personal goals

Aside from your business, set up some goals that you want to accomplish personally.

We know that in order to be happy we need to have all of the areas on our life fulfilled.

So don’t skip these type of goals and give yourself the attention and caring that you deserve.

Basically, you are your main weapon.

And if your body or your state of mind, your personal desires, your relationships or your spiritual evolution is not receiving the attention it deserves you will sink at some point.

Similar to a table that has 4 legs, if one is missing… the table will just lean down in that direction and if more legs are damaged the table will fall down with everything that was on that table.


I’ve come across to a lot of definition for the areas of our life but my favorite one comes from the Hinduism tradition and it is called Purushartha.

Purushartha is a Sanskrit word that can be translated as the “object of human pursuit”.

The term is derived from the Sanskrit, Purusha, meaning “person,” and Artha, meaning “purpose.”

This is an important term in Hinduism and relates to the four ideal aims a person should have.

The four purusharthas are considered to be the following:

  • dharma (the moral duty)
  • artha (the economic prosperity)
  • kama (the love or the pleasure)
  • moksha (the spiritual liberation)

While all four of these aims are classed as being important, moksha is considered to be the ultimate goal for any human.

After this, dharma takes priority over the others.

These four goals can be seen in the context of the four stages of life (brahmacharya), with each one relating to a different stage and the goals associated with it.


Alright guy this is how I look at goal settings right now.

Hope that you’ve learned some useful insights and enjoyed this article.

Let me know in the comments below what is your favorite way to set up your goals and what percent of your last year goals have you achieved.


Credits: I am grateful to give the credit for this knowledge to Mellysa Griffin; Goals with intention challenge.

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