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If you want to excel, it’s not enough to fix your weaknesses. So you’ve heard.

But before you can leverage your strengths, you need to figure out what they are.

Here are my 7+7 favorite keys to identify your uniqueness & strengths.

Search for interior feedback


1. Listen to your body

Pay attention to what makes you happy and powerful.

What type of activities gets your energy level up? When do you tend to get stressed out or sick?

Your body is responding to your thoughts, actions, and feelings. Identify the warnings and signs and be aware of what your body might need before you enter a crisis.


2. Take time for yourself

Regularly do a meditation and listen to your soul.

Don’t be afraid to be alone.

I appreciate being alone with myself the most. I love my space; I love the silence, I enjoy the freedom of doing what I want whenever I want.


3. Keep a journal that tracks your evolution

How are you feeling each day, what have you eaten, what are you grateful for?


4. Listen to your intuition

Learn your heart language, listen when she speaks, and you will discover what is right and wrong.

I dare you to try it!

5. Be sincere with your core values

What principles do you follow? What guides you? Are you a spiritual or a logical person? Do you believe in the unseen? Do you have the sixth sense?

Follow your beliefs and trust your intuition, be in alignment with your higher self.

For me this is essential. My spiritual path and my transcendental experiences are the ones that blossom my heart; they are my secret weapon. My way to peace and unconditional happiness.


6. Make a list of activities that light you up

Having a go-to list of essential activities that make you feel fulfilled is a necessary part of embracing your uniqueness.

Ask yourself, what makes you happy, loved & free?

Who are the people that make you feel safe, supported and uplifted?

Don’t let yourself slip on the dark side.

For example, I like to take a long hot bath; receive a relaxation massage in a beautiful spa or eat my favorite foods. I love to meditate and do yoga poses; read a great book; listen to my favorite podcast or watch great movies. Sometimes I do some volunteering or adopt a new pet (currently Devi joined the family, she is a young fluffy & lovely gray cat – sitting in my lap while I write this).


7. Embrace yourself

Start from where you are.

Accept yourself and build your inner superhero. There is no shortcut.

Search for exterior feedback


1. Spot patterns

Ask your colleagues, friends, and family to write a list of things they admire at you.

Study carefully the feedback you’ve received and highlight the facts that are repetitive.

Activating your strengths: create an action plan for how to best make use of your superpowers.


2. Be inspired by great people

But don’t compare yourself to others.

Understand that all humans have good and bad behaviors and choose to take the best out of everything.

All leaders have their unique talents, which they will use in different ways to bring out the best in themselves and others.


3. Concentrate on your strengths

Don’t focus too much on your weaknesses; this can only do you bad.

Everyone makes mistakes. Forgive yourself and forgive others.

Be tolerant and accept things the way they are, but don’t compromise. Have compassion for those who deserve and love with all your heart, unconditionally.


4. Partner up and do more

The value of having a partner or a team brings you a variety of new perspectives, talents, and skills.

Do you have someone’s back? Do they have yours?

Surround yourself with people who believe in you.

When searching for a partner or a new team choose complimentary skill sets. Don’t partner up or hire someone exactly like you.

Ask for help and accept support only if you need too. Offer your help each time you have the opportunity.

Have patience and adapt to your partner’s rhythm. Yup! This is a tough one for me too; I have to admit. I’m like a lightspeed, and I tend to expect that others are the same…

And since we are on this topic I will confess: I love personality tests! One of the best is DISC – you can make this for free here:


And if you want to go deep into your self-discovery I advise you to take the Enneagram personality test too. You will find many books and tests online.

Oh, and go and take your birth chart. Astrology is a super powerful tool that can give you life-saving insights, but please don’t confuse the science of astrology with the horoscope – if you know what I mean 😉
When I first took my chart, I was blown away. I barely walk back home. I was shocked and at the same time released. I got the confirmations I felt deep down in my heart. I got certitude, clarification, and confirmation of who I am.


5. Use failure as motivation

Learn from your mistakes and don’t be afraid to try again.

Take the risk and listen to your intuition! You go, girl!


6. What do people admire you for?

When you do something very well, people often notice and comment on it.

Gather insights from others and consider as your strong points the feedback you have received.

Did it happen to you to learn something very fast? Well, that subject could be part of your strengths.

For me cooking, yoga, psychology, design, marketing plus much more are the magic spots. I just absorb everything in these domains super fast.


7. Enter the state of Flow

Do some activities give you more satisfaction than others?

Have you heard about the state of flow?
Psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi defines energy flow as “a kind of intense focus and crisp sense of clarity where you forget yourself, lose track of time, and feel like you’re part of something larger.”

What activity makes you feel that way?

In other words, the state of flow is when you are happy in the present moment and have grand dreams of the future.

The scientists call this the state of supreme creativity. In a mystical perspective, this is the state when you use the law of attraction (positive emotions + goals).

The fact is that being in a state of flow magnifies whatever you do.

And when consciously you can put yourself in this state of flow is like the universe bends in your favor.

Notice the moments when you are in the flow and make a conscious effort to get yourself back to flow as much as possible.

About the author

Oana Aurora

Oana Aurora

Branding & Online Marketing Strategist

I support fiery visionaries to trailblaze their business by creating an authentic personal brand, that reveals their impactful vision, unique personality, and genius.

Let me teach you the EASY and correct marketing strategies & tech tools that work in 2020 for launching successful online courses and programs.


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  1. Belle

    This was a really nice read Oana! I also like strengths finder by Gallup (I’m a strengths coach) and also the builder profile for entrepreneurs in particular.

    • Aurora

      Thank you very much, Belle! Yes, the Gallup method is awesome. Glad to connect with you!

  2. Mane

    This is very informative! I agree with your post, we should surround ourselves with wonderful people and connect to our inner feelings, believe our intuitions to discover our strengths and uniqueness.

    • Aurora

      Yes, Mane! Thank you 🙂

  3. Ankit Jain

    I would say this article was really an eye opener for me. Looking forward for your next article..

    • Aurora

      Ankit, I really appreciate your comment! This is what I intended. Thank you very much 🙂

  4. Nisi

    So many useful tips here! Some are so obvious they are easy to forget and some, like the journal idea is terrific and I know it, yet I don’t make enough time for it. That’s a goal of mine… and to take that personality test!

    • Aurora

      Awesome, Nisi! Let me know the personality test result if you want to share!

  5. Brankica

    Thank you. This is a very good article.

    • Aurora

      Thank you very much, Brankica!

  6. Dani

    I love your spirit and how insightful you are. Keep up the good work????????

    • Aurora

      I love your spirit too! your articles are amazing, Dani! you are wonderful ????

  7. Mehul

    Useful article.

  8. bianka

    is a very good article. thk 🙂

    • Aurora

      thank you, Bianka!

  9. Marie

    Great tips! Keeping a journal can be really useful!


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