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Heeey, business goddesses!

There is so much goodness available in the world today.  So many quality resources that we can use to grow our business.

Here is an amazing collection of freebies that will help you and your business sparkle.


  1. 7 Day Gratitude Journal
  2. 10k Month Roadmap & Checklist
  3. Free Hashtag List for Spiritual Entrepreneurs and Coaches
  4. 10 Secrets for Healing Your Mind, Body & Spirit After Burnout
  5. Manifesting with the Lunar Cycle Challenge
  6. Biz Bravery Mini E-Course — Stepping Into your Business with Intention and Brave Action!
  7. Free eBook — How to Manifest
  8. Free Goal Setting Planners that Actually work — Planning Bundle
  9. 5-day Attraction Marketing Challenge — Bridge the Gap Between Where You Are to Where You Want to Be
  10. 6-steps to Design a Life you Love
  11. 3-day Visibility Challenge
  12. Pricing & Money Mindset Guide
  13. Find your Six Figure Soul Purpose! — For Visionary Creative Empaths that are Ready to Heal the World with their Passions
  14. Free 3-day program “Content Queen” — How to Write Content Online that not just Engages People but also Converts them into sales!
  15. The Confidence Kit — 10 Ways to Increase Your Confidence in 10 Minutes + Printable: Ready to Slay your Day? + Audio: Daily Affirmations to Make You Feel More Confident
  16. 3-day Video Guide: What Type of Business Truly Calls to you? — Step Into Your Purpose
  17. Free Group RTT Hypnosis — Webinar
  18. The #1 Strategy You Must Put into Place TODAY to Grow Yourself and your Business!
  19. Serene 7-day Accountability Challenge, the Aspiring and Conscious Entrepreneurs Secret to Success
  20. SuzCrew Resource Hub: The Facebook Disenchanted Girl’s Guide to Marketing + Crickets Crusher Workbook + How to Make That (Im)Possible Goal Possible + the Chronically Awesome Planner!
  21. Gain Clarity and Direction on how to Run a Purpose-driven Business and Receive weekly Monday Morning Mindset Emails + Journal Prompts
  22. “Chakra Healing for Business”— The Guide to Find Where your Chakras might be Imbalanced and how it can Affect Your Business
  23. “Planning for Profits Calendar” — Supporting You to Create a Plan in the Next 90 Days
  24. Free Body Talk Meditation


Sending a big hug & THANK YOU to all the generous females that have shared a resource with us. 

The list is open to growing, so if you have a useful freebie please contact me and let me know what you would love to share with us.

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Oana Aurora

Oana Aurora

Branding & Online Marketing Strategist

I support fiery visionaries to trailblaze their business by creating an authentic personal brand, that reveals their impactful vision, unique personality, and genius.

Let me teach you the EASY and correct marketing strategies & tech tools that work in 2020 for launching successful online courses and programs.


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