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Why am I here? What is my purpose? What do I actually want? Who am I even?


These questions, or something similar, will most like arise at some point in your life. To answer these questions, you have to be willing to look within and rediscover who you are.


You feel lost, confused, and like the world is against you, but what you haven’t taken time to consider is if you’ve even stepped into who you truly are or if you’re even listening to the voice inside (your intuition).


Time and time again you feel a calling deep inside you. Maybe you recognize what is calling you, maybe you don’t, either is perfectly fine. The point is that when the ‘voice starts to whisper’ you become aware that you are being called for greater.


You will continue to come back to what calls you no matter how hard you try to fit in with the norms of society. Our souls begin to recognize our calling often long before we do. This is why we will find ourselves coming back to the same thing repeatedly. This my friend, is how you discover your purpose so you can create a soul-aligned business.


Your purpose is often right in front of your face. Hiding just beneath the surface. Ready to reveal itself when you are ready to truthfully answer who you are as a person and actually step into your purpose.



3 Ways to Step into Your Purpose & Create a Soul-aligned Business



Step 1. Gain Clarity on Your Life Purpose/Calling


The first step to uncovering your purpose and creating your soul-aligned business is to get clear on what exactly you feel called to do. I don’t mean, what is everyone else doing. I’m talking about, what do you find yourself dreaming of doing time and time again? That is what I refer to as your calling.

A few questions you can ask yourself to gain some additional clarity include:

  1. What passion do I have that can use to help someone else?

Are you’re trained in certain techniques or have a unique take/solution to challenges people face? Maybe you’re passionate about the great outdoors, if you’re skilled in outdoor living you could be a guide for campers, create video tutorials & courses, or even write a book all about how to properly prepare for an authentic outdoor camping experience. These are just a few examples of what you can offer, but when you dig into what you are passionate about and what you can teach others, you’ll get a great idea on where to start.

  1. What do you feel drawn to do time & time again?

Skills without passion don’t get you far. To continue to have a desire to create for your business you have to have a passion to back it all up, so dig deep to find what you actually feel pulled to do. Even if it seems a little impractical there’s almost always a way to make it work. You just have to get creative by allowing the ideas to flow and take some time to plan out your ideas. With a soul-aligned business, you get to do what you love and serve others! Start with what you feel really pulled to do and then write down what it would take to present it to the world!


Before asking yourself, these questions do a brief meditation to allow yourself to release any tension and move into your subconscious mind. This is where your soul speaks from & will provide the answers that truly resonate with your inner being.


Once you have taken time to gain clarity around what it is that you wish to start, it’s time to move to the next step.

Action Step: Create a list of all your skills, passions, hobbies, and interests. Then narrow the list down to what you feel you would enjoy doing. Once you have narrowed down the list decide specifically what products or services you can offer for the soul-aligned business you wish to create.


Step 2: Release the Shadows


The next step to uncovering your purpose is to address the shadows that are holding you back from starting or moving forward with uncovering your purpose. Your shadows refer to your fears, doubts, or feelings of unworthiness.


This is a very important step because when we don’t address the fears, doubts, or lack of worth that we experience, we often allow them to hold us back.  


We will always have and experience shadows, aka limiting beliefs, but true power comes from acknowledging them & releasing them. By bringing awareness to the issues holding us back they no longer determine what steps we do or don’t take.


I’ll give you an example from my own personal experience. As an introvert, I have always struggled with visibility, from class presentations in school to doing Facebook live videos for my business. When I acknowledged that I had this fear, I was determined to do whatever I needed to do to create my business anyway. Meaning, I was not going to allow myself to be held back from something that would normally stop me dead in my tracks. It took me almost an entire year before I felt confident in doing a Facebook live.

Yes, AN ENTIRE YEAR! That’s how determined I was and am.  That’s the level you need to bring yourself to, to be able to create the business you envision.

Action Step: Make a list of everything you feel may be holding you back. What are your fears, what do you doubt about yourself, and what do you question you are worthy of doing. Plan to spend about 30-60 minutes in this exercise to really assess what is holding you back from your dreams, goals, and ultimately your dream life.



Step 3: Allow Your Intuition to Guide You


Intuition is one of my all-time favorite topics (besides stepping into your calling and the mysteries of the world). This may not seem like an important step, but it very much goes hand in hand with actually doing what calls to your soul (step 1).  


When you learn to follow your intuition, you don’t spend time second-guessing what the right option for you is, because you already know! While it can take a little time to tune in (a few weeks to a few months), just know that allowing yourself to be guided by what feels right IS the right move.  


There may be situations that come up that make you think, “Damn, that felt like the right move, but things still aren’t quite right.” That’s because you are being ‘tested’ to be sure that this is what you want, or because you needed to learn a few things first.  


Trust me when I say that as long as you are doing what calls to you you are always moving in the right direction. Have faith in the process, surrender your control, and learn to co-create with the Universe.


Check out Is that Your Intuition or Fear to gain a better understanding of this topic.

Action Step: Take notice when things feel a bit out of the ordinary. Notice if your immediate thought is to take a specific action step with a decision you need to make, then take notice of what you decide to actually go through with. This will allow you to become more aware of whether or not you are taking your intuition into consideration at all. Hint: if you disregard your initial gut feeling all the time or most of the time, you are not listening to your intuition. While logic has its place, our intuition is a sixth sense that provides the insight we need for a quicker and easier path to the things our soul craves.

You are meant for more. You are meant to live your purpose and create your dream life.

About the author

Amanda Herr

Amanda Herr

Intuitive Life Purpose Guide

Amanda is an Intuitive Life Purpose Guide here to help you create your spiritually-centered, soul-led business. Her mission is to help you clarify your path and purpose in life so you can create a business that feels right to you so you can create the life you’ve have always envisioned. One of freedom, impact, abundance, and bliss.

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