The Mystical Experience

Mind and Heart Expansion Luxury Retreat

Immerse yourself into a trip of a lifetime that brings ancient practices as well as modern-day enjoyment transforming your routine and outlook on life. Open up the mind to receiving the fullness of your heart and soul


Dive into your Divinity
Embrace your Embodiment
Heart · Mind · Body · Emotions

A mystical experience curated for you to expand the heart and return back to self. To be present and in awe of the abundant beauty that is all around us. Whether you enjoy yoga, meditation or just being immersed in nature, you will find this carefully curated environment will allow you to take a deep breath and reconnect. To enjoy a deep rest and connect to your creative consciousness. To awaken all senses to a deeper understanding of self. To listen to your inner wisdom, to create the life of your dreams from a place of joy.
We believe by connecting to our own inherent divine beauty we are able to change the dynamics of the world, co-create together and be more aligned with the beauty of our planet.
The mystical experience occurs within the heart which overflows to the mind, body, and emotions.
We invite you to Dive into the divinity of your soul, to embrace your embodiment, and…

live the life you were born to live

Is this experience for me?

Your Mystical retreat experience is designed with your personal health needs and goals in mind. You will be immersed in an abundant, supportive, and nurturing environment that enables you to switch off, relax and kickstart your health and wellness journey.

Are you looking for time to reflect, renew and restore?

A retreat experience can be life-changing, it provides you with time for yourself to reconnect to the joy of life to gain clarity to make more meaningful decisions in life. Regular holidays only bring short-term fulfillment, whereas a wellness retreat can improve the mind and metabolism for the long term.

Do you need some time away from your current environment and daily routines?

This luxury wellness retreat is situated on the Island of Cozumel, off the main land of Mexico. Surrounded by serene views of Sun, Sand, Sea, and Jungle, you are in the perfect setting and space to forget about the hustles of everyday life. It provides the opportunity to unwind, be curious about new cultures, and explore the surroundings through the excursions offered in the program.

Looking to shift to a healthier and more conscious way of life?

A holistic approach retreat experience combines ancient healing therapies, yoga, meditation, high vibrational healthy meals, and a soothing environment. When all elements are combined together this allows people to shift towards a more conscious and healthier approach to life. Once participants return to their everyday demanding environments they feel they can approach their lives with a sense of renewal, empowerment, and clarity. The experience equipets them with the internal and external tools to make more conscious decisions in life. They learn how to implement healthier practices without feeling guilty about making time for themselves.

Want to connect to nature for the ultimate unwinding and grounding experience?

Naturally, as human beings, we are connected. We are no strangers to knowing the many health effects a natural environment has on human health, mentally, physically, and emotionally. Nature provides opportunities to destress. One of the greatest advantages of this retreat is that it offers you the proximity to nature which allows you to reconnect with all healing elements of nature.

Looking to reconnect with your inner child and reignite the curiosity and joy?

This retreat has not left out the joys of being a child and has especially been designed to embody fun. With a number of excursions and activities as well as healing workshops, this retreat is an ultimate big children’s playground for mindfulness and joy.

Do you need access to expert advice?

The retreat is made up of a number of healing modalities including yoga, meditation, healing treatments, and healing sessions held by professionals who will support you to find balance and a sense of wellbeing.

The mystical experience

is here for you if you want to change your physical health, emotional well-being, or lifestyle in a positive, sustainable way. So for your next break away how about a retreat to allow you to unwind, ignite that child-like joy and reclaim the joy of life

Your Facilitators

Anahita Wanthi

Founder of the Mystical Experience Mind Expansion Luxury Retreat

Anahita is a Business Intuitive who comes from a Corporate Financial background. In recent years she has shifted her leadership qualities to Retreat facilitator, Breathwork, and Sound bath guide as well as a certified life coach. Anahita has spent the last five years diving deep into the studies of Tantra, Guided meditation, Human Design, Reiki, and DNA Activation. Anahita serves the spiritual needs as well of the community through officiating Sacred rites. Anahita offers Divinity embodiment workshops to Embrace your Divine Purpose. Anahita holds sacred healing circles which support connection to self, sisterhood, and brotherhood. In 2021 Anahita spent some time in Mexico connecting to the local communities and healing properties of the Land.

Andrea Scheel

Mexican artist trained in contemporary dance in AREA, espai de movimento; (Barcelona, 2006 – 2008) and the dance conservatory of Sevilla (2009 – 2010). She started her professional dancing with CAD- Centro Andaluz de Danza (Sevilla, 2010 – 2011) with different choreographers such as Johan Inger, Isabel Vasquez}. Now in constant exploration with somatics, biomechanics, and evolutionary movement on land and water. She has practiced Contact Improvisation since 2008, facilitating spaces for its practice since 2013.
She practices aquatic therapies like Aguahara and Wasser Tanz while creating spaces for its sharing. Part of her mission is to create safe spaces for facilitating processes of inhabiting the body from a somatic approach, and contact improvisation from a creative, collective, and performing view. She has been organizing the Contact and Flow festival, before Liquid Flow, since 5 years now. Her actual passion is drawing, painting, and hand poke tattooing.

Jorge Cipactonal

Traditional Doctor

Sharer of the sacred medicine of Teonanacatl by the hand of our brother Jorge Cipactonal Traditional doctor, temazcal guide, has more than 10 years working with the medicine of Teonanacatl, Temazcal, and the study of ancient Anahuac calendars. The way in which the ceremony is carried out is a vigil attached to the Nahua Chichimeca tradition of central Mexico. Some grandparents of those who have learned to use medicine are in the towns near the volcanoes, mainly the Matlatzinca area in the Nevado de Toluca. And the Nahua community – with them learning about herbalism and traditional medicine.

Tatiana Malovaa

Tatiana is the co-organizer of the retreat & client relationship manager, she will be accommodating requests and desires from guests and answering the questions about retreat. Tatiana is also a yoga teacher, meditation guide, and sacred space holder. She has been hosting cacao ceremonies, mushroom journeys & yoga/meditation retreats in Bali. Tatiana spent the last 2 years of her life living in Bali and diving deep into practice of tantra, yoga, meditation, and exploring the opening of consciousness through plant medicine.
Tatiana used to live in London and Los Angeles; she is coming from a corporate background in finance and event management, and in 2018 she transitioned into the world of self-development and self-discovery and found the balance between spiritual and material.

Alexandra Smyth

Alexandra believes there are no limits to what you can achieve. Her purpose is to inspire and guide courageous individuals to connect with their spiritual passion, define their values, adapt more discipline, and embrace the unknown to find their flow and create the life of their dreams. Through her responsible leadership skills and vast capacity to hold space for others, she facilitates individual and group classes, workshops, coaching, and mentorships. She specializes in teaching fitness, yoga, meditation, breathwork, and leading men and women’s circles. She naturally gravitates towards situations where she can fully step into her power and express her courageous, determined nature. She is tenacious and goal-oriented which led to her successes in her prior career. However, her overachieving approach without balance led her to a burnout. From these lessons in her prior demanding career, she empowers overachieving individuals like herself to release stress with holistic tools to calm their nervous system and create more balance in their life. Her ultimate mission is to empower others to ignite their creative potential, move beyond all limitations, fears, judgements, and expectations to align with their true authentic self. You will most likely find her in the tropics; she is a spontaneous and adventurous woman who lives to be in the ocean and sunshine. She is passionate about staying active through fitness, yoga, diving, hiking, and surfing. She values quality time in all her relationships.

The location

Join us on the beautiful Island of Cozumel, where you will be sharing a beautiful Private Villa on 23 Acres of Oceanfront opulence. 7 dreamy bedrooms and baths. This is paradise on a grand scale: a 23-acre oceanfront villa with every conceivable luxury and amenity you could imagine, surrounded by nothing other than pristine white-sand beaches, the impossibly blue Caribbean sea, a tranquil lagoon, manicured gardens of lush tropical foliage, a palm tree- and palapa-lined beach, in an environment of complete privacy and tranquility.

Mondo Palancar, designed and built by an award-winning architect, the attention to detail is evident—from the wood-framed glass panes on the wall of windows to the gleaming Terrazzo tile floors. Certainly, the exquisite furniture, original pieces of art, and bright decorative accents are impressive enough but coupled with the unobstructed views of the Caribbean that you’ll see from virtually every corner of the home, you’ll feel a bit like you’ve stepped into a postcard.

The western-facing aspect of this extraordinary villa means you have countless options from where to watch the incomparable Cozumel sunsets: On the beach, in the pool, from your bedroom terrace, perched above on the rooftop observation deck, or out on the roomy deck or patio from the comfort of a lounge chair.

What’s Included

  • All-inclusive 6 nights 7 days
  • Island Visit to Isla de la Passion
  • Boat trip and Snorkeling
  • Cozumel Island Tour via Jeeps
  • Sunrise Yoga
  • Sunset Fire Circle
  • Daily Meditations
  • Professional Photo Shoot
  • Body Mechanic – Chiropractor
  • Spa Day
  • Fresh Fruit Break – Fasts / Juices
  • Dinners prepared by a private chef
  • Intuitive eating
  • Breathwork and Meditation workshops
  • Business – Masterclass on Digital marketing


  • Ancient Plant Medicine – From the Volcanoes of Oaxaca
  • Connecting with the Body – Through contact dance and water therapy
  • Mayan Cacao Ceremony
  • Self Love Rituals – Flower Essence

Start Your Journey

Upcoming Event Dates:
December 1st – 7th
6 nights 7 Days Males Only Retreat

Your investment

Single occupancy $3555

Double Occupancy $6555 (saving $555)

Single $1666 / Double $3278

Terms & Conditions:
Deposits are non-refundable – Flights to Cancun are not included.
Please note this is an exclusive health retreat programme and the consumption of alcoholic beverages, meat, and dairy is strictly forbidden whilst in residence on this programme. This programme is for those who are serious about changing their health in a positive way. In order to protect the health and safety of individuals and our clientele, anyone found to be under the influence of alcohol will be asked to leave the premises immediately.

Upcoming events

December 6th – 12th
(6 nights 7 Days) Females Only

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“Embodying your Divinity through daily practices to serve your higher purpose. The soul has desires which can be accessed through the heart which holds your Divine power. Choosing your daily vibration to give energy to all things that help lead your being to your soul’s desires without getting caught up with the finer details”

The Community & Me

As a social enterprise, we thrive in reinvesting in the environment that we are in. Donating back to the local community to create positive change.

The Mystical Experience reinvests the profits from each event by creating local employment from the healers, chefs and investing into the local business. We have also teamed up with the local Domestic Violence Charity on the Island to offer free healing sessions to the Woman and Children.

We believe in improving people’s lives in any way that we can and to provide opportunities that will help to tackle social problems. We wish to support and transform the communities and help the environment to grow in any way that we can.

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